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Why invest with us?

Curated deal flow

We carefully screen between 1000 and 2500 early-stage startups every year to bring you the best, high-potential investment opportunities.

Expert Due Diligence

The pre-screened investment opportunities we present undergo a structured due diligence process led by experienced deal leaders.

Investment syndication

Diversify your portfolio by pooling your resources with a group of likeminded investors within a streamlined funding process.

Deal Leader program

Get the training to become a certified deal leader. Enjoy industry exposure and the opportunity to earn money on successful deals.

Education & training

Access a comprehensive range of courses delivered by expert investors. Learn about best practices and stay up to date with market intelligence.

Diverse investor community

Join a global community of early-stage investors from 41 countries spread across five continents, representing 51 nationalities.

Global reach

We source investment opportunities from juried shows, competitions and networks across select European markets and the US.

High-tech platform

View startups pitches, ask questions, invest and manage your deals through our virtual platform where you’ll also find our knowledge centre.

Start investing

Invest on your own terms. Answer a few simple questions that will direct you towards the investment method that best suits your needs.

How to invest

Choose a method that best reflects how much you want to invest and how involved you want to get in decisions, mentoring and training.

Individual Portfolio Investing

Handpick which startups to invest in 

Climate Action

Addressing climate change by supporting the transition to carbon neutrality

Gender Lens

Empowering women participation in angel investing through a global community of successful female professionals

All Tech

Support startups at the forefront of innovation.

Successfully funded startups


Building commercial drones for the industrial inspection of indoor, confined and complex spaces

Technology   Switzerland


Sound recognition software platform allowing its clients to turn non-speech sounds into actionable meaning

Technology   United States

Cellestia Biotech AG

Oncology drug development company with focus on NOTCH pathway

Healthcare   Switzerland

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Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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