In pursuit of perpetual growth

We’re passionate about curating collaboration between talented entrepreneurs and ambitious investors who support great ideas. We join them on the front lines of influencing the future.

Our Story

GoBeyond was founded in 2008 to encourage novice and experienced investors to grow by supporting startups passionate about making a difference. We’re currently focused on the Swiss and EU markets, with experience in the US. Our ecosystem offers access to the most exciting asset class. We curate connections between likeminded investors and highly-vetted entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation with the talent, drive and determination to succeed. We believe in giving people the choice to decide what works best for them. We strive to provide constructive support by sharing valuable resources, facts, figures, insight and expertise. We believe in investing in the future. We also understand that this type of investment comes with a set of risks that cannot be fully avoided. They can, however, be mitigated with knowledge and the right set of skills. This is why, apart from having a comprehensive startup screening process in place, we equip investors with intelligent analytics and provide comprehensive training programmes. So, yes, there’s risk involved. But the rewards go way beyond financial.

Our Values

We are human

We connect people and believe in those behind the ideas

We make an impact

We strive to make a difference through experience and knowledge

We pursue innovation

We support those on the frontline of influencing the future

We believe in choice

You decide how much time and money to invest and how to invest

We are insight driven

We rely on facts, figures and the power of our collective expertise

Our Team

GoBeyond Investing Report

Gain a comprehensive view of what’s going on in the GoBeyond investment community. Our annual report is based on data we compile about all investors and their investments - to bring you a uniquely reliable and objective picture.

Our Partners

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Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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