Frequently Asked Questions

Which sectors does GoBeyond invest in?

Our startups are normally from one of the following industries: environment, health, education, food, housing, services, medtech, biotech, technology or luxury.

What is a Deal Leader? How can I become one?

When a startup makes it through our internal screening, the investing community appoints one of its members as a Deal Leader – to carry out due diligence and represent them. The person selected, who would have experience in a given sector, also offers advice to entrepreneurs. Certified Deal Leaders enjoy industry exposure and earn money on a successful exit. We certify our Deal Leaders to ensure they’re vetted and qualified. Experience and knowledge are key requirements. Candidates must have completed 3 investments as well as advanced training. We provide training for those who have the necessary experience but lack the technical know-how.

May I invest via a company?

Yes, you may invest via a company subject to fulfilling the investor due diligence requirements.

How is the carry calculated?

Carried interest is calculated per round as follows and borne by each investor pro rata to the amount of its initial investment in the shares or debt instruments of each chosen investment: Carried Interest = ( E – ( I + ( I * H * d / 365 ) ) ) * C
E = Exit value, i.e. total proceeds from the sale of the shares or repayment of debt instruments including interest thereon of the chosen investment.
I = Amount of the total initial investment in the shares or debt instruments of the chosen investment.
H = The hurdle rate set at 8% per annum simple interest.
d = Number of calendar days between date of initial investment and the date of exit, i.e. the sale of the shares or debt instruments of the chosen investment.
C = The percentage due to GoBeyond set at 20%, of the balance remaining once the capital and hurdle rate are paid out in full.

Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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