This collaboration is aimed at fostering the development of ground-breaking ideas in the field of climate innovation by supporting female founders.


GoBeyond and Global Invest Her share a long-standing history of promoting diversity in the innovation ecosystem on both investor and entrepreneur sides. Diversity plays an important role in accelerating change and creating successful solutions to today’s challenges. The Climate Crisis is not an exception. As Denise McQuaid, the CEO of GoBeyond, pointed out:

“Core to the growth and high competitiveness of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is tackling the lack of women and underrepresented minorities. A diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can accelerate climate innovation and help us reach carbon neutrality before it is too late”

Since 2008 GoBeyond encourages novice and experienced investors to grow by supporting startups passionate about making a difference. Today GoBeyond’s international community counts more than 800 early-stage investors from 41 countries.

Global Invest Her is a platform for female founders founded in 2013. Its mission is to get 1 million women entrepreneurs funded by 2030. Anne Ravanona, Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her, added:

“Women see things differently and identify different problems to solve. We believe that women entrepreneurs are an incredible untapped resource to tackle climate change, as women and girls are those who are most directly impacted by it. Funding and fueling women entrepreneurs are critical levers to ensure women become active innovators in the green economy which is one of the biggest areas for wealth creation and innovation in the world.”

Access to funding is one of the several barriers that female founders face in their entrepreneurial journeys. As part of this new partnership, GoBeyond and Global Invest Her plan a series of joint initiatives aimed at facilitating access to early-stage financing for innovative female entrepreneurs working on climate solutions. On June 10th, 2021, two promising startups from the Global Invest Her community will pitch their solutions in front of investors and experts as part of the GoBeyond event focused on climate innovation. The pitch session will be part of a larger discussion with an impressive line-up of thought-leaders in the field. The full agenda and registrations are available here.

For more information please contact ask@gobeyondinvesting.com.


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