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Manage your portfolio with a personalised strategy developed with the support of an experienced Relationship Manager who’ll help you set up a dedicated investment vehicle and manage it at your direction.

How it works

Why invest with us?

Access great deals

Access cross-border and cross-industry curated and benchmarked deals from Europe and the US.

Investment concierge

Get assigned a relationship manager with early-stage investment experience for a personalised service.

Dedicated platform

Manage your investments through a dedicated platform where you can incorporate existing deals and bring in your own deal flow.

Personalised strategy

Create your own investment strategy with peers, colleagues, family, or a group of up to 20 investors.

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Other investment methods

Individual Portfolio Investing

Handpick which startups to invest in

Portfolio Programmes

Get support to diversify your portfolio

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Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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