Climate-KIC deals

Climate-KIC deals raising investments on the GoBeyond platform

Innovation for climate action

In April 2019 Climate-KIC announced an investment partnership with GoBeyond, a leading pan European early stage investing network. This agreement gives an opportunity to selected Climate-KIC startups to pitch their idea during joint online investment events to both GoBeyond and Climate-KIC communities as well as use GoBeyond’s investment syndication vehicle for their financing round.

Why invest via GoBeyond’s syndicate?


The minimum investment ticket is as low as €5,000

Deal Leader

A qualified Deal Leader represents the interest of syndicated investors

Due Diligence

A thorough Due Diligence is performed by experienced Business Angels

Climate-KIC startups currently raising funds at the GoBeyond platform

Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa’s mission is to transform our cities by establishing air quality data & insights as a new commodity. We connect new digital ecosystems, establish new digital business models & open up new markets for private sector actors turning risks into business opportunities and building capacity for sustainable economic growth.

Hawa Dawa combines all sources of air quality data into one coherent end-to-end solution. Coupled with automated in-depth analytics we build a new generation of digital services and products for a new generation of commerce.

Impact   Germany

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If you are interested in the above company, please click below to request a free account on the GoBeyond platform and get access to the startup documentation & due diligence. Should you have any questions, please contact the GoBeyond team at ask@gobeyondinvesting.com.

What is a syndicate?

This is a legal structure used to aggregate or group the participation in a startup investment. In most cases, this is realized via a Nominee arrangement, where the named holder of the shares of the startup is the fiduciary company, who shall receive, hold and administer the shareholder rights whilst the beneficial and economic interests remain with the investor. Our syndicate is operated by Mencey Capital Management SA in Switzerland.

More information at www.mencey.ch

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