In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the impact of different opinions and points of view cannot be overemphasized. Despite the challenges, there has been a notable rise in female angel investors in recent years. The increasing presence of female angel investors offers a unique opportunity to inject diversity into investment decisions and support underrepresented entrepreneurs. Extensive research supports this concept, highlighting the essential role of diversity in building efficient and successful teams but also the impact on profitability

Impact on Investment Decision-Making

Diverse perspectives are crucial in making well-informed investment decisions. Research conducted by First Round Capital, analyzed over 300 companies and found that those with at least one female founder outperformed their all-male counterparts by 63% in terms of total value created. This demonstrates the value that female entrepreneurs bring to the ecosystem, and by extension, the potential impact of female angel investors on investment outcomes.

McKinsey & Company found that the most diverse companies outperformed their less diverse peers by 36% in terms of profitability. These statistics highlight diversity’s significant advantages to businesses, emphasizing the necessity of diverse perspectives in shaping strategies and driving financial success.

Diverse Skill Sets and Networks

Perhaps one of the key advantages of female angel investors is their diverse skill sets and networks. Women tend to have diverse professional backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, which might contribute to a more thorough due diligence and assessment of investment opportunities. Furthermore, female investors have their own networks, which might include other female entrepreneurs, expanding the spectrum of investment opportunities and fostering a more inclusive ecosystem.

Building an Inclusive Ecosystem

The increased number of female angel investors not only benefits female entrepreneurs but also contributes to a more inclusive ecosystem in general. It sends a powerful message that diverse voices are important and can effect positive change. Female angel investors become role models by investing in women-led businesses, inspiring more women to pursue entrepreneurship and seek funding. This chain reaction has the potential to increase gender equality in the investment landscape.

The Broader Benefits of Diversity

Beyond gender diversity, investing supports diversity in every aspect, including race, ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status. Diverse investors bring a variety of perspectives, experiences, and insights that can challenge traditional thinking and reveal previously unexplored investment opportunities. Diversity in investing leads to more innovative, solid, and long-term investment strategies.


By embracing diversity in investing, especially by encouraging the inclusion of female angel investors, we not only gain access to a broader range of insights and experiences, but we also foster an environment beneficial to innovation and growth. Research consistently shows an advantageous correlation between diversity and success in various aspects of business. By acknowledging the value of diversity, particularly the inclusion of female angel investors, we can lead the way for a more prosperous and inclusive investment landscape. 

GoBeyond strives to create opportunities for women to thrive in their professional and personal lives and increase the number of women decision-makers across industries. We encourage women’s participation in early-stage investing by promoting financial knowledge and independence and increasing women’s access to an important asset class through a portfolio of early-stage companies. We give opportunities to female founders to present their companies to our investor community through our Gender Less Pitch Event. To learn more about the program you can visit our webpage or get in touch by using the form on our website.



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