One of the key pillars of GoBeyond is our global investor community. We have reached out to some of the members with a brief 10-question interview to understand the drivers behind their investments, their deal breakers and what they think are the next big trends. Here are the answers of Danny Touw, a GoBeyond member since 2016.


In brief


Danny has been an Angel Investor since 2006
Number of investments made: 30+ companies, 50+ rounds
Number of exits: 5
Sectors he invests in: Technology


Why did you get involved in angel investing?

  • Diversify my investment portfolio
  • Stay involved with technology developments
  • Work with great people

What are the key things you look for in a startup?

  • Great people
  • Solution(s) to a clear problem
  • Flawless execution

What are your deal-breakers (red flags)?

  • People I can’t align myself with, or who I can’t see myself working with for the next 10 years
  • Solutions to problems I can’t understand

Your advice to novice Angel Investors

  • Take your time and have a very very long term horizon
  • Don’t do this to make money in the short run

Sectors to watch as an investor in 2021?

AI/ML/ big data applications moving into every part of our society, Cannabis, 5G underlying technology and adaptations, anything going online, online gaming, blockchain adaptation, including digital payment systems to continue, semiconductor continued innovations, sensor developments especially for human/machine interaction including visual sensors, VR/AR, drones, autonomous mobility, and so on.

What do you predict 2021 will bring for early-stage investing?

A further explosion of initiatives thanks to the change in human and societal behavior, caused by the virus and enabled thanks to technological developments.


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