PRESS RELEASE – June 2018, Switzerland

Go Beyond is pleased to announce that OtoSense, an artificial intelligence company that uses sound recognition software to turn sounds into actionable meaning, has been acquired by Analog Devices. OtoSense, based in Palo Alto, California, provided significant returns to Go Beyond investors from both Europe and the US, especially since the initial investment was made only 3 years ago.

OtoSense started by building a sound recognition library for the hard of hearing, then pivoted into homeland security using their software to distinguish sounds in cities where gun shots or riots could threaten large populations. The company began its accelerated growth when it focused on manufacturing using its machine learning software and artificial intelligence to identify when machines needed repairs based on sound recognition. The enterprise software company’s unique technology is an example of the range of new solutions emerging in the marketplace.

This investment is an example of how cross-border investing can benefit angel investors. Go Beyond brought together investors from Switzerland, Belgium, England, France and the United States to invest in OtoSense. As one of the few angel investing companies which offer cross-border investing, Go Beyond is poised to take advantage of the many cross-border opportunities which are emerging globally.

About Go Beyond Investing

Go Beyond Investing is a FinTech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class for small and large, novice to experienced investors. It offers a unique deal platform, portfolio tools, syndication/pooling, due diligence, investment monitoring services, training and certified deal leaders. Its clients are individuals, family offices, professional groups and corporations. It is active in the EU, Switzerland, the Middle East and the US. https://go- beyond.biz/

Notes to Editors

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Please note, early stage investments are not publicly quoted, may not be subject to audit and are preliminary. The data is provided solely for information and does not represent a guaranteed result nor future performance. Any reliance on the information in this report is entirely at the risk of the reader. Investors should understand that they should not rely on this information to make [specific] investment decisions. Go Beyond Investing AG or its subsidiaries (“Go Beyond”) do not guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this report. This report does not constitute a solicitation or an investment offer or advice, nor does it create any legal relationship of whatsoever nature, like for instance a mandate, with Go Beyond. Go Beyond waives any liability for the content of this report in particular for the future results of the start up companies referred to. Investors are implored to evaluate all information regarding a potential investee with financial advisors and legal counsel as well as consider whether they could bear a full loss. Early stage investments should not represent a large part of the available assets of investors who are not Qualified Investors due to the high risk they involve.

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